BBR Real Estate Seminar and Tour


Sunday, May 20th @ 9am
Real Estate Investment Seminar & Tour starts at 9AM on Sunday, May 20th. Learn about the business advantages of investing in the United States and tour twenty investment properties throughout Las Vegas. The United States has proposed legislation that will allow foreign investors to earn a 3-year American Visa by investing in $500,000 in American real estate. The Las Vegas real estate market is prime for investing, having dropped in price to such an extent that properties now sell for significantly less than replacement cost. As you might imagine, this has created tremendous incentives for a particular breed of financial operator, namely the luxury real estate investor. It is no mistake that “luxury class” real estate players worldwide have turned their focus to Southern Nevada as a unique opportunity to make aggressive bids that often lead to amazing luxury deals. What do we have to offer? Las Vegas is now home to some of the most breathtaking luxury residential properties in the entire Western United States, with much of it sitting on premier private golf courses. This seminar and tour is geared toward helping you understand the market and whether investment is right for you.




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