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3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135-4196

Versailles Restaurant, The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, has been serving tasty Cuban cuisine and culture to the South Florida community and tourists from around the world for four decades. Soon after it opened its doors in 1971, Versailles quickly became the gathering place and unofficial town square for Miami’s Cuban exiles. Today, it remains the unrelenting gauge of the community’s pulse. Not surprisingly, Versailles is typically the first place politicians visit locally to garner support from the Cuban exile community, and the restaurant is equally a favorite among the media for gathering commentary and footage of the community’s take on social and political issues. It is not uncommon to see local, national and international media set up camp in Versailles’ parking lot, where they’re sure to get a flood of local viewpoints.
Located in the same spot on famous Calle Ocho at 3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, Florida 33135, Versailles has never missed a beat as the heart of the Magic City’s iconic Little Havana neighborhood.
For politicians seeking public office, a stop at the iconic Cafe Versailles is a must. This Little Havana institution has become a symbol of the strength of the Hispanic vote. Here, Cuban exiles have turned their conservative stance against the Castro regime into a political force to be reckoned with in U.S. politics.

Cuban food and cafecito may be the first things that come to mind about Versailles restaurant, located in the heart of Miami’s Cuban enclave, Little Havana. But to Miami’s Cuban community, the restaurant has been a symbol of culture, history, politics and identity. On July 12th, Versailles celebrated its 40th anniversary with a big party

The Versailles Restaurant celebrated 40 years of serving Cuban food, coffee and a heaping side of political debate Tuesday. The family-owned landmark has become a must-stop for politicians seeking to reach the Cuban exile community. National politicians frequently visit Versailles, especially during election season, including Mitt Romney and John McCain.


1000 Darden Center, Dr. Orlando, FL 32837

You are cordially invited to join us 
for an evening or afternoon of relaxed elegance 
and exceptional cuisine.
Rich African mahogany paneling and warm lighting from one-of-a-kind art deco chandeliers set the tone for a comfortably elegant evening (unless it’s a lively, social atmosphere you seek, in which case our sophisticated bar might be your destination).
Our impressive menu of nationally renowned dry aged steaks and the freshest of seafood will ignite your culinary imagination as our award-winning wine list of more than 5,000 bottles awakens your inner sommelier. And as our gracious, knowledgeable servers delight you with their uncanny ability to anticipate your every need, you’ll experience firsthand why the American Culinary Federation recently bestowed upon us their “Achievement of Excellence Award.”
Join us, won’t you, for an amiable lunch, an intimate dinner or a grand soiree in one of our private dining rooms. And let the dazzling commence.

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