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800 North Point at Hyde Street

Gary Danko is a real pro in the kitchen – his movements are precise, his attitude attentive and his food very grown-up. Beyond that, it’s clear he loves his work. At this dinner, we caught him quietly smiling as he boned a fish, composed a plate, and checked on a stockpot. – James Beard Foundation

Gary Danko is widely recognized as one of America’s most talented and respected chefs. His achievements include a James Beard Foundation “Best Chef – California” award and reflect his lifelong pursuit of excellence in the culinary arts. Danko’s successes can be attributed to his many years of study and hard work, combined with an innate ability to create dishes of both elegance and depth that evoke the simple pleasures and warmth of home cooking.

Danko combines classical training with focuses on French, Mediterranean, and regional American cooking. He incorporates influential culinary traditions from around the world into his own work, adding seasonings and techniques drawn from Asia and India. He infuses precise technique with creative flair and adventuresome spirit to create a cuisine of great finesse and balanced flavors. Danko is dedicated to using seasonal, locally grown and raised foods. He forged close relationships with artisan cheese, meat, and produce suppliers long before other chefs discovered
the virtues of this approach.

Danko was reared in the small town of Massena in upstate New York. He credits his parents for his strong work ethic. Cooking was learned at his mother’s knee. A Louisiana native, she deftly balanced flavors through the judicious use of simple seasonings, and focused on farm-fresh ingredients. Those lessons guide him to this day. His father, an architect and builder, launched Danko’s interest in restaurants when he undertook the remodeling of The Village Inn, a local eatery. Danko, then only fourteen years old, worked his way through high school at that restaurant, and had worked in all facets of the business by the time he graduated in 1975.


200 Jackson Street(at Front) San Francisco, CA 94111
The ancient Greeks (Hellenes) made countless contributions to the modern world culture. From philosophy to architecture to mathematics to Hellenic cuisine, their achievements are legendary.
Now, a San Francisco restaurant, Kokkari Estiatorio, celebrates another accomplishment – cuisine fit for the gods. Named after a small fishing village on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea, Kokkari is the sister restaurant to acclaimed Evvia Estiatorio in Palo Alto, California.

Legend tells us that Kokkari is the site where Orion, son of the Greek god Poseidon, fell in love with the daughter of the King of Chios. For the love of her, Orion foraged the island for wild game and seafood to prepare elaborate banquets. On entering Kokkari, guests experience the old-world charm of a rustic Mediterranean country inn on the shores of the Aegean. An inviting fireplace, extensive woodwork, hand-made pottery and freshly picked flowers all reflect the warmth and tradition of ages-old hospitality.

Designed by the award-winning architect Howard Backen of Backen & Gillam Architects, the decor captures the feel of the European old-world. The commitment to excellence embodied in the restaurant places it instantly at the forefront of Hellenic Mediterranean venues nationally. “Food of the gods” Kokkari’s menu, showcasing seafood and game, features many of the most sought-after traditional Aegean dishes, as well as selections which have been modernized through the innovative blending of cultures and techniques.

Through its use of fresh seasonal ingredients, Kokkari brings a refined, cosmopolitan sensibility to a beloved Mediterranean culinary tradition. Its owners and chefs are proud to have ushered in a new era of appreciation for vibrant Greek flavors. More than a decade after opening its doors, Kokkari’s founders invite you to try some of their favorite dishes at home, and wish you a Greek bon appetite: kali orexi!

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