Playing Golf in Orlando

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge

9000 Bay Hill Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32819

The Arnold Palmer Golf Academy offers programs for all ages and levels of play to learn the fundamentals of golf according to Arnold Palmer’s philosophy of the game. Individuality is not only recognized but emphasized. Golf Academy instructors work at enhancing your personal strength and improving your weaknesses through sound fundamentals, working with your own natural abilities. Goals and suggested practice routines are geared to your temperament, your level of play and your level of desire. A four-to-one student/instructor ratio allows for the perfect blend of personalized coaching and the company of fellow golfers. Individual instruction is also available. At the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, instruction is broken down into four key areas: Mastering Fundamentals, Scoring Zone, Practice Like a Pro and Course Management.
Golf Academy instructors enjoy teaching the pure beginner, working with touring professionals and assisting golfers of every level in between. Their goal is to help you achieve your full golfing potential by making learning and practicing the game truly enjoyable.
Our approach to golf instruction completely mirrors Mr. Palmer’s philosophy of the game. It’s an approach that has made him a legend among all who love golf.
At the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, we recognize and respect your individuality. Our unique system of learning is successful because we work with you, enhancing your strengths and improving your weaknesses through sound fundamentals. We work with your own natural abilities. Goals and suggested practice routines are geared to your temperament, your ability and your desire.
A four-to one student-instructor ratio allows the perfect blend of personalized coaching that will allow you to benefit from your successes. Programs provide an enjoyable mix of classroom, practice time and actual play.
Instilling the fundamentals used by Arnold Palmer over the course of his legendary career produces a confidence that will be immediately evident off the tee, over hazards and around the green. The same confidence that says hitting your target is as easy as pulling the club out of your bag.

Shingle Creek Golf Club

9939 Universal Blvd Orlando FL 32819

Historic Shingle Creek Links The Past to the Future of Orlando Golf at Shingle Creek Golf Club
Experience this remarkable new Orlando golf course, which takes its name from the pristine creek, which traverses the property. Early Central Florida settlers, circa 1800, were drawn to the area by the abundance of game, fishing, ancient cypress trees, and of course, the beautiful creek.
Those early pioneers used the creek well, logging the cypress trees, which were floated down stream to a nearby mill and eventually made into shingles for their homes. Thus the name – Shingle Creek. Today we know that Shingle Creek is part of the natural headwaters of the Florida Everglades, located some 140 miles south of Orlando. The ancient waters of Shingle Creek wind through the elegant new mega resort like a dowager’s necklace – slinky, shiny, and sparkling with hidden treasure. You may even add something round, dimpled and expensive to her cache, making you a contributor to historic bounty! (A nice way of saying you shanked one into the water, eh?)
Orlando Golf at Shingle Creek is many things, but ordinary is not one of them. Why choose Shingle Creek Golf Club instead of our competition? It’s simple. We have no competition.

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